The Blindpainters

The Blindpainters Foundation is an Amsterdam based Art Foundation founded in 1994.

Our Mission & Vision

The Blindpainters Foundation is an Amsterdam based Art Foundation founded in 1994.

It produces transcendent projects in a contemporary art context. Metaphorically the name Blindpainters is understood as in ‘turning a blind eye on facing constrains’, when manifesting complex projects. Quality and care are top priorities. The manpower behind it is a sustainable network of people, who not only enjoy immensely the energy released by the projects but also believe that these projects are to set milestones in the journey of art history. By realising the impossible they find the inspiration for continuity and uniqueness.


Blindpainters is multi-tasked, from art production work to curatorial arrangements, from film productions to book publishing. Please find out more about these projects in other sections on this website.

The teams include people in Amsterdam and abroad:

Hans Kalliwoda (artist)

Ciska van Beek (grants fundraising WiaS)

Nadine Myk (office management)

Michi Meier (‘no risk no fun’, film production, Stuttgart)

Arno Vrijman (multimedia)

Frank Gössinger (printed matter, design, Cologne)

David Haberkamp (printed matter, design, Cologne)

Luis Soler Monte (printed matter, design, Cologne)

Ale Bosma (accountant, Juridical advise)

At this occasion we would like to thank the following people within the network  and supporters here in Amsterdam and overseas for their dedication and help with the projects:

Carol Poyé, Rodney Sinclair, John Klinkenberg, Eva de Klerk, Paul V., Jeroen de Swaaf, Louis Kok†, Martin Rendel, Dania ten Hoopen, Ellis van de Giessen, Edo Sutherland, Suzanne Loohuis, Fred Gales, Mirjam Makkenze, Luciënne Kleverlaan, Akko Dekkers, Myriam Curiel, James Fitzpatrick,  Jeroen van Roon, Aleksandar Andjic, Jelena Milisavac, Hans-Peter Wipplinger, Mike Schlichting, Marcel van der Bilt, Diana Wempe, Christy Deves, Rowin Snijder, Bart Majoor, Henk Talma, Tom Skullerud, Judith Huemer, Hans Gaasbeek, Toek, Azart, Martin Angstl, Agnès Bompy, Margarita Godi, Wolfgang Preisinger, Ruud Deams, Joris Brouwer, Hans Buitelaar, Lucy Nooren, Marko de Pender, John Haley, Annemarie van Duynhoven, Bert-Jan Zuiderduin, Lies Schermer, Anita van Veelen, Geert van Kerckhove and many others…



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“Good art provides inspirations, brilliant art brings about changes’. “

– Hans Kalliwoda


Frequently Asked Questions

Where does the Blindpainters foundation situate its art productions?

The art productions are mainly in form of interventions in public and semi public space. One could describe these projects as being part of this ‘active intellectual, social, and political’ metamodernist movement. As much as one can at this stage talk about an actual movement…. However aspects which to a large extent can be found back in all of the projects are, as Kim Levin in ARTnews writes, ‘embrace doubt, as well as hope and melancholy, sincerity and irony, affect and apathy, the personal and the political, and technology and techne (that translates as “knowingness”)’. Including aspects of Romantic sensibility and the new depthiness ( as cultural theorist Timotheus Vermeulen puts it. James MacDowell description of metamodern structures of feeling in their balancing of ‘ironic detachment with sincere engagement’, somehow seems to nail it.

Who is your audience?

Lately, established institutions, like musea and art exposers are actively open up on the search for ‘new public’. Our work and exhibition formats have always been low threshold and we tried to connect with a wide variety of people as possible. The public and semi-public space is of course perfect for this. Living up to the idea that ‘the best things in life are free’, also by collaborating with highbrow institutions, we have been quite successful in this approach. We love to get into conversation an reflect on the works with people from all kind of walks. But we also get invited for presentations and lectures for specific art audiences. Our work does not fit into musea, on the other hand, our publications that are documents on the projects can be found in many musea libraries.

Who are the blindpainters?

There is not a fixt group of people. It depends entirely on the project who is going to take part in it and what the role of that person is going to be. Project are mostly interdisciplinary. They become members, in the long term often stay connected, maybe even take on another role in another project. Because of the scientific components with project there are advisors,  academics and specialists who contribute. There is also the notion of the ‘gesamtkunstwerk’, that is very much in flux and focuses more on the process than on a final result. In the future we will be working more into the ‘performative’ and include local artists and people around the installations. Celebrate with us! – 25 years BlindPainters foundation – independently pushing contemporary art to the max –