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Welcome to the Swapshop. A new way of crowd funding. We are crowdfunding because we want to fulltime engage in our performative activities, which you can read below. 

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The collages reflect the ideologies and subjects that keep us busy. If you like them and you want to support us, this is the perfect match. 

Current series

All prints will be numbered. For shipping count one week in Europe and 2 weeks oversees. They will be mailed in a cardboard tube to your doorstep. 

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The price is an indication. You can also donate more or offer us something you can do for us to get closer to our goal.

Performative interventions

Live art in public space

In a time where people have the need to re-discover simple rituals for connecting with nature and each other, performative interventions engage people with the means of live art into a memorable experience with deeper meaning. It combines ecological, social and political aspects merged in a subtle way and spreads the message that social sustainability is a precondition for environmental sustainability. It presents a glimpse into the mysteries of live by magically extracting people’s gifts and bonding each and every one. The generated energy with the activities stimulate the quest for finding identity, initiates conversations on relevant subjects and creates real truth in the here and now. Each of the activities launches a spark to recognize the power of the collective.

BeeCircus and other performatives

Artist collective

The collective, formerly known as Kallivoodoo, has evolved into a more professional entity by collaborating with reliable and experienced individuals who prioritize substantive concerns such as ecological sustainability and social cohesion over personal acclaim. Hans, an intervention artist with a 35-year history of showcasing his work worldwide, spearheads this interdisciplinary team. They immerse themselves engaging in the above mentioned themes through playful means, striving to uncover profound truths in the present moment. Their chosen medium is live art in public spaces, aimed at creating memorable experiences imbued with deeper significance. While the collages, resulting from brainstorming, reflection, and spiritual practice, are available for purchase, they unfortunately failed in the  transition from visual art pieces to the live street art performances.

Theatre with the young generation


We plan to create a blueprint theatre production that can be rolled out in different countries with different people. We currently establishing networks and connecting up with existing networks, to get this large scale endeavour off the ground. If you want to know more about its content, planning, newsletter etc, please visit www.refubees.org and write us an e-mail at beecircus@blindpainters.org


The Blindpainters


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