Welcome to the KalliVoodoo Swapshop. Our Swapshop is a new way of crowd funding. We are crowdfunding because we want to fulltime engage in our performative activities, which you can read below. If you have something to offer that is helpful to come closer to our goal, we would very much like to hear this. Please get in touch! However, we also need to raise funds to finance these activities, for this we swap limited edition prints of our collages. The collages reflect the ideologies and subjects that keep us busy. If you like them and you want to support us, this is the perfect match. All prints will be numbered. For shipping count one week in Europe and 2 weeks oversees. They will be mailed in a cardboard tube to your doorstep. 
  • Certified Art Giclée Photo Paper is acid free 285g, lifetime guaranty / 250 dpi – edition of 99
  • Certified Museum Quality Fine Art Paper is acid and oba (optical brightener additive) free 310g / 600 dpi – larger sizes and edition of 11
  • Recycling the Jungle is a 5 colour high-quality offset print in an addition of 2500.
The price is an indication. You can also donate more or offer us something you can do for us to get closer to our goal.