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the World in a Shell

the World in a Shell

the World in a Shell

the World in a Shell

the World in a Shell

the World in a Shell




the Blindpainters

The Blindpainters Foundation is an Amsterdam based Art Foundation founded in 1994.

It produces transcendent projects in a contemporary art context. Metaphorically the name Blindpainters is understood as in ‘turning a blind eye on facing constrains’, when manifesting complex projects. Quality and care are top priorities. The manpower behind it is a sustainable network of people, who not only enjoy immensely the energy released by the projects but also believe that these projects are to set milestones in the journey of art history. By realising the impossible they find the inspiration for continuity and uniqueness.

Blindpainters is multi-tasked, from art production work to curatorial arrangements, from film productions to book publishing. Please find out more about these projects in other sections on this website. 


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The World in a Shell –
polliniferous project

Mobile ‘Concepts of Homes’ are more than ever needed in times of changing climates and mass mobility. WiaS presents an architectural challenge, a cutting-edge engineering stunt, a ‘paradigm-shifting-intervention’ for interdisciplinary activities and a supreme sustainability project-in-the-make at the TUDelft University for Technology (2000-2005). It set a high benchmark on the forefront of the tiny-house and container-based living and working structures movement.


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The glocal
BeeCare Amsterdam

BeeCare Amsterdam was set-up in 2011 to engage in the pollination crisis, by developing methodologies that can be applied as interdisciplinary interventions in public space. The methods involve combinations of visual arts, performing arts, music and scientific research, also in form of publications, symposia, workshops and lectures. It focuses on the relationship between ecological sustainability and social cohesion and in the process discovered and implemented ground-braking remedies. BeeCare evolved into RefuBees, a cross-disciplinary experimentation program that aims to form an EU-wide coalition on reinventing city neigbourhoods into biotopes for pollinators. 

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The europartrain traveled through Europe, dynamically collecting railway carriages from every country to initiate and stimulate the interaction and cooperation between the different European cultures. While the Artists reflected on the present European cultural climate, people on train stations could step into one carriage and by walking from wagon to wagon, they crossed the entire continent without the train being in motion.       

The Blindpainters


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the Europartrain